Countdown to the Arctic

Hello everybody!

The official countdown to Teen Leadership Camp, sponsored by Polar Bears International, is in two weeks! (Read post Teen Leadership Camp: Arctic Ambassadors 2010.) I can’t even begin to describe how excited I am to go immerse myself in polar bear habitat. I am eager to learn about these great white bears, and I am even more excited to come back and inspire others to make changes that can help the bears in the wild. There is so much we can do to help, and I am ready to share that information with my peers when I get back from Churchill!

A major goal I have for Leadership Camp is to take back a greater understanding of the polar bear itself, its status in the wild, and a variety of ways that each and every individual can help these bears be around for future generations. I was inspired to attend Leadership Camp because I have a strong passion for animals and an even bigger desire to protect them and do what I can to help them out, and I think that Leadership Camp will be the place where I can learn how to do exactly that.

I’ll be inspired to go green and do what I can to help polar bears AND have the opportunity to get my family, friends, and neighbors just as excited about helping polar bears as I am. That is my ultimate goal for Leadership Camp: inspiring change in my community, one person at a time.

Rachel is the San Diego Zoo’s 2010 Teen Arctic Ambassador. She will be posting updates on her adventures in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.