Pandas: Bear Birthdays

While Bai Yun lounged in her den this morning, the Panda Cam’s roving eye shifted out front for the birthday celebrations of Su Lin and Zhen Zhen. Both bears had lovely ice cakes prepared here at the San Diego Zoo, which they enjoyed immensely. Su Lin even came away with a little blue dot of color above her nose as the coloring from the cake bled onto her coat.

Meanwhile, Bai Yun continues to do what she has been doing well for several days: sleep, sleep, and lounge in the den. Sometimes she naps out in her bedroom or sunroom area, but in the last 4 days she has spent at least 525 minutes [8.75 hours] of every 24 hours in her den.

As of this writing, the last ultrasound we obtained was on Friday. The fetus in her right horn was visualized, was noted to have grown considerably, and all in all looked great. Little lefty was again AWOL (see post, Pandas: Getting Closer).

We are watching Bai Yun overnight and recording her denning activities all day long. The birth watch has, indeed, begun. And since we are into August, we are expecting a birth soon. Although the birth itself will not be on the Panda Cam, we will have video posted shortly thereafter.

Happy birthday to our resident panda girls. It wasn’t so long ago we were eagerly anticipating THEIR arrival!

Suzanne Hall is a senior research technician for the San Diego Zoo’s Institute for Conservation Research.

Here’s the link to the video