Adoption Package for Panda Fans

The 2013 T-shirt for Panda-Monium

The 2013 T-shirt for Panda-Monium

Hi, Panda Fans!

For those who cannot attend Panda-Monium 2013 (see post, Panda-Monium, we’ve put together a way for you to feel a part of it and support the San Diego Zoo and our wonderful giant panda family at the same time. The fabulous San Diego Zoo Adoption Team has come up with another panda adoption package just for Panda-Monium 2013! For those of you who are new, the Adoption Team has been creating a special adoption package just for us for a couple of years now. The adoption is, of course, symbolic.

The special packages includes an animal fact sheet on giant pandas, panda photo, and a one-of-a-kind Panda-Monium 2013 personalized adoption certificate you can print. The photo you will receive in the download is our adorable cub, Xiao Liwu! The adoption package is just $35. All the monies collected go directly toward enrichment items for the animals at the San Diego Zoo.

This is the link to the special Panda-Monium 2013 Adoption package. The San Diego Zoo staff and animals really appreciate our support!!

The Panda-Monium 2013 Event Coordinators

UPDATE: Please know that Panda-Monium 2013 is sold out, and there are no more T-shirts available for the event. However, the San Diego Zoo is now taking reservations for our annual Black & White Overnight, which features our famous panda family! Adults-only night (for ages 21 and older) is Saturday, August 3; Family nights are offered Saturday, August 17 and August 24. More info here…