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Panda Party: Wu Hoo!

Giant Panda Climbs Cake During First Birthday at San Diego ZooToday we celebrated Xiao Liwu’s first birthday, with the help of a delicious 200-pound ice cake, colorful gifts, and adoring panda fans.

The cake was beautiful to look at as well as tasty for the birthday boy and his mother, Bai Yun. It was tinged orange with a “frosting” of mashed carrots and sweet potatoes and had the words “Mr. Wu” on the base and the large “1” on the top. There were several cardboard boxes on the ground, some painted to look like presents, one in the shape of a gorilla, and one as a giraffe, all filled with hay and biscuits. Several small pink boxes decorated with little pandas were hanging from the tree like piñatas and filled with goodies, too.

There was some concern that the cub would stay up in the tree for the festivities, but he was down when keepers came in this morning and so joined his mother in the bedroom while the exhibit was decorated. When all the goodies were in place, the door was opened to release the pair, and we all held our collective breath, cameras at the ready. It took a few minutes before Bai Yun came out and promptly ripped open the first present she came to before plopping down at the edge of the pool, with her nose seeming to touch the surface. Xiao Liwu hung back at first, but as his mother rested, he came around the front and spied the “gorilla,” which gave him a start! But he recovered and meandered up to the cake, sat right in front of it, and started to explore it gingerly with his mouth and nose. Soon, Bai Yun joined him there, and they seemed to share it quite well.

Keepers were not surprised at his mellow reaction to the cake, and I’m sure everyone there got great photos of our now 42-pound panda boy. He even climbed into the tree to grab at the little piñatas, making for more photo opportunities. I noticed even Yun Zi was interested, climbing high in his artificial tree to better see what all the fuss was about next door. His turn for an ice cake will come next week, August 5, when he turns four.

Happy birthday, Mr. Wu!

Debbie Andreen is an associate editor for San Diego Zoo Global.

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Happy 21st Birthday, Bai Yun

Our birthday girl relaxes on her special day.

Happy 21st birthday to our panda mom, Bai Yun! It is hard to believe that 16 years ago, this beautiful, grand lady arrived at the San Diego Zoo as a curious, playful youngster, only to grow up and become one of the most popular pandas in the U.S.!

Bai is truly an ambassador for giant pandas. Since her arrival in 1996, we have learned so much from her about giant panda biology. As a result of this, she has raised worldwide public awareness on the plight of giant pandas in her home country of China.

Miss Bai has always been on the “cutting edge” of things. She has presented us with six beautiful cubs, making the San Diego Zoo the first in the U.S. and outside of China to produce the largest number of giant panda births! In addition, Bai almost broke the world record as being one of the oldest females to give birth in a managed-care facility. So many wonderful memories over the years, and yes, you guessed it, Bai is my number one panda!

For a birthday gift, Bai will be offered access to her garden room, after spending many months in her bedroom and den area. Here she can have more quiet and “personal” time away, but not too far, from her son. She can enjoy resting on her favorite platform, if she desires. We thought this was a fitting present to give our busy mom!

Happy birthday, Bai Yun, from your keepers and admirers. You are still as beautiful as ever, and we look forward to the future as we watch your new son grow!

Kathy Hawk is a senior keeper at the San Diego Zoo. Read her previous post, Panda Wins Best Mom Title.


Bai Yun: 20th Birthday

Bai Yun is a laid-back mama.

Today, Bai Yun turns 20 years old. Can you believe it? She doesn’t look a day over 12, at least in my eyes! I still remember when she arrived here at the San Diego Zoo as a five year old back in 1996. Beautiful and busy, she was a joy to watch for all of us. And she still is!

We couldn’t let her special day go by without doing something special for an animal that has represented her species so well. Bai Yun has seen her share of elaborate panda birthday celebrations. Yet her long-time keeper, Kathy Hawk, describes Bai Yun as a laid-back, down-to-earth mama these days. So in keeping with a low-key theme, Kathy has been preparing a “homemade” ice cake. It will feature layers of Bai’s favorite apple, carrot, and honey slush, with food-colored ice cubes on top.

Kathy and crew will set the cake out in the north exhibit during Bai Yun’s noon feeding time today. Please come by to wish our birthday girl many happy returns!

Debbie Andreen is a blog moderator for the San Diego Zoo. Read her previous post, Elephant Calf Has a Name!

Here’s Bai Yun with her birthday cake!


Panda Birthday Cake

Meghan, left, and Debbie pose with their tasty and beautiful creation.

Preparing a birthday ice cake for a giant panda is always a fun challenge for the San Diego Zoo’s Forage Warehouse staff. We wanted to do something different from past years’ cakes. Some of the main factors we have to contend with are time, materials, and the overall weight of the cake. I was very excited when my lead, Debbie Lowe, presented me with the opportunity to help with this year’s panda ice cake. Coming from the Nutritional Services Department at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, our ability to make big, beautiful ice cakes at the Park is unfortunately limited by our freezer space, so this was going to be a real treat for me and the panda!

Let's hear it for the Forage Warehouse team!

Coming up with a way to make each cake different from the rest is definitely a challenge, but Yun Zi’s 2nd birthday cake had some unique qualities. We made it a three-tier cake, because we know how much the pandas love to climb all over them. This cake actually ended up being much larger than we had planned, and Yun Zi seemed to enjoy it! Something that is different about this cake is that we made it as a challenging enrichment item for the panda. The bottom layer of the cake was made into a bowl shape to hold various food items. Instead of the traditional three bamboo sticks holding up the middle layer, we enclosed the whole bottom of the cake, making a “cage” effect. Our hope was that Yun Zi would have to work for those treats and have a lot of fun doing it!

The cake is carefully delivered to the Giant Panda Research Station.

It was difficult trying to find a way to create the bowl shape in the bottom layer. We had to figure out how to freeze an object in the ice to make the bowl but still be able to retrieve the object after enclosing the cake with bamboo, so we came up with the idea of using a beach ball. It worked perfectly! We inflated it and placed it in the bottom layer to freeze, and then once the bamboo sticks were frozen in place, we simply deflated it to slide it out.

The middle layer of the cake was much larger than previous cakes. This allowed us to put Yun Zi’s name on the cake in large letters, which we cut out of slices of yams. And last but not least, the top layer held the traditional number representing the panda’s age. The entire cake was finished off with decorative, colorful star and circle shapes made from water and food coloring, bamboo “bows” made from individual leaves folded over in a circle shape, and bamboo leaves frozen around the perimeter of the cake to leave an outline of a bamboo leaf.

Overall the cake was a success, and I hope Yun Zi had as much fun eating it as I did making it! Thank you to the Zoo Forage Warehouse for allowing me to be part of this process. I hope to take some of the things I learned back to the Safari Park. And most importantly…HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YUN ZI!!!

Meghan Kramer is a nutritional service assistant at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, currently working in a loan position at the San Diego Zoo’s Forage Warehouse.

Update: Photos from Yun Zi’s birthday are now posted in our Panda Photo Gallery!
Watch video of Yun Zi and his cake!


Celebrate Bai Yun

panda_bai_06Today, September 7, our giant panda matriarch Bai Yun is 18 years old! It’s hard to believe that in September 1996, this beautiful youngster made her debut in San Diego. Between her and adult male Shi Shi, they literally won the hearts of people all over the world! Born in China in 1991 at the Wolong Giant Panda Center, she was Wolong’s first captive-born panda! Her name in Chinese means “white cloud.”

Bai Yun with her firstborn, Hua Mei.

Bai Yun with her firstborn, Hua Mei.

Over the past 13 years, Bai has contributed greatly to the San Diego Zoo’s giant panda research program. We have learned many aspects of panda husbandry, including how to monitor panda estrus cycles, in-depth looks at the development of a giant panda fetus through ultrasound, and experiencing the birth of her first cub, Hua Mei. Everything we have asked of her she has given us because of the strong trusting bond she has with her keepers. She is truly a remarkable panda!

Bai Yun on her first day in her new exhibit, 1996.

Bai Yun on her first day in her new exhibit, 1996.

I have watched this girl grow up since 1996, and even now, as she turns 18, she still is beautiful, and there are moments when her “young, prankish” side comes out! I remember in the early days sitting down in the panda yards on my breaks and hanging out with her. Bai was always good for a conversation or two! Then afterward, she would make me laugh with her playful antics, rolling around, doing somersaults, and then looking over at me just to make sure I was paying attention!

So today we celebrate her birthday. We can’t give her an ice birthday cake, as she is busy being Mom to her cub #5. So, happy birthday, Bai Yun! Thank you for all you have given us. You have become a very important ambassador for your species, raising awareness of giant pandas and adding hope for panda conservation in China. We honor you on your special day!

Kathy Hawk is a senior keeper at the San Diego Zoo.