Nairobi Station: All New!

Touch and brush friendly African goats in our remodeled Petting Kraal.

Have you been to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park recently? If not, you’re missing out! We have an amazing new interactive space, Nairobi Station, which has multitudes of fun things for you to discover. I know, because I work in this new area!

Formerly known as the Animal Care Center, Nairobi Station still provides top-notch animal care, but on a wider scale. The babies needing to be hand raised are still living here, but they are sharing the space with some of our famous animal ambassadors. There is always an educator, such as myself, available to tell you about our special animals. Throughout the day, stop by for an introduction. You never know which animal might be out to meet you!

Welcome to the Nairobi Station at the Safari Park!

These animals are pros at showing off what is awesome about their species, and they get a little help from us to get their stories across. Tina the tenrec, Gibnut the paca, and Irazu the black milksnake are just a few of the animals waiting to meet you in Nairobi Station.
Someone else who is excited to show off his new digs is Robert the Zebra! If you have never had a conversation with a talking zebra, I gotta tell ya, you need to meet Robert. Thanks to attending talking animal school, he is prepared to give you directions around the Safari Park and even some fun facts… straight from the horse’s… ahem, zebra’s, mouth.

After hanging out with Robert and meeting our animal ambassadors, head down Nairobi Walk and check out Nairobi Nursery’s animal exercise yard. Bounding antelope and gazelle babies are waiting to impress you with their newfound skills! Want some hands-on time with some of our furry friends? Just beyond the nursery yard is the newly remodeled Petting Kraal, where you can pet and brush three different species of African goats. Want to know your favorite goat’s name? A keeper will be happy to tell you “who is who.”

Have some fun in the new Village Playground!

Aside from our animal interaction areas, Nairobi Station also has spaces where kids and adults alike can get their wiggles out, show their athletic prowess, and just plain have fun. Just past our Petting Kraal is a brand-new play area where you can acquire some new skills, like learning to balance a jug filled with water on your head. Water elements, drums, and a brand-new ropes course round out our new area. Come check us out…bring the fam!

Alex Higley is an educator at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.