Carnivore Campout

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The Zoo's comfortable campground is inside the Zoo and just yards away from the critters!

The Zoo’s comfortable campground is inside the Zoo and just yards away from the critters!

Hello, carnivore connoisseurs!
Here at the San Diego Zoo, we are gearing up for our first-ever Carnivore Campouts this July! Carnivore Campout is a family sleepover event where guests will have the chance to meet some of our fiercest animals. We will enjoy up-close experiences with some unexpected meat-eaters, including some of our big cats and reptiles. The Zoo’s own animal researcher, Dr. Zoolittle, will present some special games and challenges, and guests will embark on an Endangered Species Mystery Hunt to try to figure out where our missing lions have gone! Campers will be treated to another animal visit in the evening before enjoying s’mores around the campfire and finally falling asleep to the sounds of the Zoo.

In the morning, campers will enjoy a hearty breakfast and may just spot some unexpected carnivores nearby enjoying their own morning meal! Before heading home, we’ll meet some of our bravest (and most careful!) keepers and get an up-close look at more of our world-famous carnivorous cats and dogs.

Carnivore Campouts will be held at the San Diego Zoo on July 12, 19, and 26, and August 16.

Can’t make it to a Carnivore Campout? The San Diego Zoo also hosts Black & White Overnight sleepovers in August and Spooky Sleepovers in October. Visit our Zoo Sleepover page or call 619-718-3000 for more information!

We hope you can join us soon for a wild night!!

Megan Adcock is a conservation education specialist at the San Diego Zoo.