The San Diego Zoo from Sunrise to Beyond Sunset

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NTZ logoA sunset Skyfari ride, the rare chance to peek at nocturnal animal activity, live music, acrobatic performances, and up-close animal presentations will offer guests the opportunity to see the San Diego Zoo come alive at night this summer during the 25th annual Nighttime Zoo festivities. Beginning on June 28, 2014, the San Diego Zoo will be open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

The Australian Outback meets the California shore for this year’s “Koalafornia” theme as Aussie lore enchants and abounds throughout the evening, especially during the new show “Australiana II, Return to the Outback,” as well as the Kangaroo Crossing crew performing kangaroo-style skills during a trampoline act, and Dr. Zoolittle’s “Dr. Zoolitle Explores Australia” shows. The Front Street Stage will welcome guests with animal encounters by day and a variety of performances by night and the music of the Boardwalk Brass band will ring throughout the Zoo from the front plaza to the Koalafornia Boardwalk.

The nighttime zoo entertainment won’t be the only new feature at the zoo this summer! Guests will also be able to see the brand-new mountain lion exhibit which will feature multiple dimensions, a den window, and a state-of-the-art scent distribution system which will keep the mountain lions active and intrigued with one of the most effective types of animal enrichment.

Summer festivities will also include new summer snacks, with a fresh new menu at Albert’s Restaurant, an evening happy hour, and, of course, Dr. Zoolittle will offer his regular show menu of crunchy insects as a tasty treat for the more courageous.

And just before calling it a night, guests will be invited to join in on “The Walkabout,” a grand finale featuring the Nighttime Zoo performers in a procession festival along Front Street to bring the busy night to a festive close.