Gorilla Baby Yoga

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Imani's baby demonstrates her "Super Girl" pose!

Imani’s baby demonstrates her “Super Girl” pose!

Gorilla Imani’s baby girl has been getting a lot of exercise lately. In order to give her arms some much-needed rest, Imani has been testing out new ways to hold and carry her little girl, who is now almost 7 weeks old. When navigating the San Diego Zoo Safari Park’s gorilla exhibit, it’s helpful for a gorilla to have use of both of her hands. In order to do so, Imani has been trusting the strength of the little one to hold on by herself while Mom forages. With fistfuls of hair, baby clings to Imani’s chest while Mom climbs the fallen tree structures, gathers greens from branches of the Dovyalis caffra trees, or shakes sunflower seeds from a bamboo feeder.

When resting in the root ball or the exhibit alcoves, Mom has been holding her little girl in different, challenging positions. Imani has been seen resting her baby in her lap to allow her to stretch her tiny arms and legs. While lying on her back, Imani will also sometimes use her hands and feet to hold her baby high above her in what we keepers have dubbed the Super Girl pose. As the littlest gorilla in the troop becomes more curious and aware of her surroundings, these new positions will give her a new perspective on the exciting world around her.

Jami Pawlowski is a keeper at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Read her previous post, Baby Gorilla at Home.