What about Gao Gao?

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Gao Gao scratches an itch while relaxing in the north enclosure.

Gao Gao relaxes in the north enclosure.

Now that Bai Yun, Xiao Liwu, and Yun Zi are out in the main panda viewing area, our adult male panda Gao Gao will remain in the back with access to the north enclosure, which is now closed to guests. However, he can be seen on Panda Cam from time to time. What has he been up to these days? Relaxing. Gao Gao has been living the life off exhibit, getting back scratches from the keepers, enjoying his air-conditioned bedrooms, and eating to his little heart’s content. Currently, he weighs 176 pounds (80 kilograms) and is working on training projects with the keepers.

As many of you know, Gao Gao is trained for voluntary blood draws where he actually puts his arm through a metal sleeve and grabs a bar while a veterinarian shaves a patch of his arm and draws blood directly from a vein. Now, Gao Gao is being trained to accept blood pressure testing. He still puts his arm through the metal sleeve for keepers, but now they are able to put an actual blood-pressure cuff on his arm and begin squeezing his arm. Anytime we introduce a new behavior, it is important to take baby steps, but Gao Gao is proving to be a champ and is doing extremely well with this next phase in his training.

As our adult pandas get older, we’d like to get a baseline for their blood pressure. When we had Shi Shi, our previous adult male, we learned quite a bit about panda teeth. We’ve had Gao Gao 10 years now, and he has been trained to do so many other behaviors that help us take care of him, so why not plan for the future?

Bai Yun will also be a part of this training, but probably not while she has the cub with her. As a mom myself, I know that trying to focus on something while you have a kid climbing on you can be challenging!

Anastasia Horning is a panda narrator at the San Diego Zoo.