Panda Cub Gets Cold Feet

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Here he comes. Watch out, snow!

Here he comes. Watch out, snow!

Today, March 19, panda cub Xiao Liwu got to experience snow for the first time! As Bai Yun and the cub came out, Bai Yun went right for the snow, and Xiao Liwu, after a little hesitation, began to run around and get his feet cold. For the pandas, this was a special treat that we attempt to give them when possible, through generous donations. As Bai Yun began to roll and rest in the snow, little Wu began to jump on Mom to roll and play. For about 30 minutes Mom and cub ran and rolled in the snow before the cub began to get tired. He and Mom had so much fun this morning that she completely wore him out, and from about 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. he was sound asleep.

pandas Bai Yun, Xiao Liwu, snow

Bai Yun LOVES that cool, white stuff and her little ankle-biter, too!

For Bai Yun, this was a break for her to get in some breakfast and lounge in the snow for a nice nap. Bai Yun has experienced snow several times during her stay at the San Diego Zoo. She seems to thoroughly enjoy having the change in her environment. In China, it does snow, so while the pandas are here in San Diego they are a bit spoiled with our nice weather. All of the pandas got snow in their enclosures and got to roll and slide around. What fun it was to watch!

Anastasia Horning is a panda narrator at the San Diego Zoo.