Pandas: Yun Zi and Family

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Yun Zi's done a lot of growing since he's 3rd birthday.

Yun Zi’s done a lot of growing since his 3rd birthday.

Panda Yun Zi, now 3 1/2, has been off exhibit while his new artificial tree is created. Keepers report that he is enjoying his time off exhibit with all the extra attention he gets from them! As you may know, Yun Zi has access to an enclosure that is next to the north exhibit where his younger brother, Xiao Liwu, and mother are during the day. This has provided great fun for Yun Zi!

In this off-exhibit enclosure, Yun Zi can scamper up a climbing structure high enough to peek into the north exhibit to see his mother and brother. And, he can peek at them and sniff them through the doors that connect the two exhibits. This is very exciting for Yun Zi but is not appreciated by his mother! While he is up high or at the door, Yun Zi calls to his family members with soft, friendly bleats. These are answered with barks and chomps from Bai Yun, basically telling him to back off. After all, Bai Yun’s priority is to protect her newest cub from any intruder, even if that intruder is her older son. Yun Zi takes these reproaches in stride–no harm done!

Many of you have been wondering about snow day(s). We are hoping to have the first snow day sometime next month, on a day that has not yet been finalized. When we have a firm date, we will post it on the Panda Cam page. More good news: thanks to generous donors, enough money has been raised to provide Xiao Liwu with an additional snow day on his birthday!

Debbie Andreen is an editor and blog moderator for San Diego Zoo Global.