Exam 11 and iPad Contest!

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Here he comes!

Our 13-week-old panda cub had his 11th exam this morning. Senior veterinarian Tracy Clippinger, who conducted the exam, declared that his body condition was above average, with ample fat stores over his spine and a nice, full belly.

The cub is now pushing up on all four legs and getting his back feet to follow his front feet. He is able to keep his belly off the ground, which, Tracy said, โ€œis beyond crawling, but not all the way walking.โ€ When examining the cubโ€™s mouth, she noted that his first tooth has pushed through the gums on the upper left side of his mouth. The active boy weighs 8.8 pounds (4 kilograms) and his overall length, from nose to tail, is approximately 23.6 inches (60 centimeters). A video clip of the exam is posted below.

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More excitement
Our popular member magazine, ZOONOOZ, has gone digital, and today we released the November iPad edition of ZOONOOZ, which is ALL ABOUT PANDAS! It features an extensive look at the history of our panda program, the individual pandas who have lived at the Zoo, and all six of Bai Yun’s cubs. It includes exclusive photos and videos not found elsewhere. There are two versions of the ZOONOOZ app to work with all generations of the iPad, with images and videos offered in the highest quality for the iPad3 retina display. ZOONOOZ for the iPad is currently free to download.

Donโ€™t have an iPad? Take our ZOONOOZ panda quiz for a chance to win one of six panda-cub themed iPads! Each of these iPads will be pre-loaded with our November ZOONOOZ special panda issue and an exclusive panda cub photo gallery. Visit our Panda Cub iPad Contest page to see a digital preview of the panda issue (the preview can be viewed on ALL devices, not just on an iPad) and take the Panda Quiz. The contest runs now through 11:59 p.m. PST Friday, November 16. If you already have an iPad, you can download the free ZOONOOZ iPad App and enjoy all things panda right now!

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