Panda Cub: Time to Vote!

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Vote on a name for our panda cub!

Our panda cub was more interested in walking and moving than having his weight and measurements taken during his 10th weekly exam this morning. He was also very vocal, seeming to object to those trying to hold him still for measurements. However, the sound of his bleating didn’t disrupt his mother’s breakfast, although Bai Yun was within hearing range of the exam room.

The 12-week-old giant panda’s newfound mobility made it challenging to take precise measurements of his length. But using a larger scale ensured the accuracy of his weight: 7.7 pounds (3.5 kilograms). His girth is growing, too; his chest measured 14.9 inches around and his abdomen measured 15.7 inches. The cub’s physical exam showed he is developing as expected and is in the same ranges as the other five pandas born here. He also received his second set of vaccines: rabies and canine distemper. Similar to his first vaccination round, the cub seemed unfazed by the needle. View more images from the exam in our Panda Photo Gallery. Video is now posted below.

Now for the part you’ve all been waiting for! Public voting for the panda cub’s name begins online today. There are 6 choices for you to vote on, narrowed down from more than 7,000 name suggestions received last month.

The names up for vote are:

Qi Ji (Qíjī), which means miracle. The Chinese characters are 奇迹

Yu Di (Yǔdī), which means raindrop. The Chinese characters are 雨滴

Da Hai (Dàhǎi), which means big ocean/big sea. The Chinese characters are 大海

Xiao Liwu (Xiǎo lǐwù), which means little gift. The Chinese characters are 小礼物

Yong Er (Yǒng er), which means brave son. The Chinese characters are 勇儿

Shui Long (Shuǐlóng), which means water dragon. The Chinese characters are 水龙

If you’d like to hear how a name is pronounced, we suggest you visit Google Translate: where you can copy a name’s Chinese characters, paste it into Google Translate, and hear it from a Chinese speaker. Ah, technology!

Voting will take place online until 5 p.m. PST on Tuesday, October 30. The voting site allows one vote per email address. The name receiving the most votes will become the cub’s name. The San Diego Zoo follows the Chinese cultural tradition of naming the giant panda after it is 100 days old. The winning name of our panda cub will be announced on Tuesday, November 13, during a public ceremony at the Zoo. More details about the naming ceremony will be available as the date gets closer.

Now, get on out and vote!

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