Panda Cub Name Ideas

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Have you got a name for me?

Put your black-and-white thinking caps on, because we need your help to name our new panda cub. Starting on Monday, September 17, we will be taking name submissions here…

If you’d like to submit a name, it will need to be in Chinese with an English translation. Pinyin is the official system to transcribe Chinese characters into Latin script. When you submit the name, the meaning and significance to you must be included in order for the suggestion to be considered.

Can’t decide which name you like best? Well, you can submit as many names as you’d like. We will be taking name suggestions 24 hours a day for an entire week! We know that there will be a lot of names to review, but our Panda Team is looking forward to sorting through all the creative suggestions that will come in.

For those who might be new to watching our bears, here are the names of the cub’s immediate family:
• His mother is Bai Yun (white cloud) and his father is Gao Gao (high high or tall tall).
• He has one half sister, Hua Mei (China USA); two brothers, Mei Sheng (born in the USA or beautiful life) and Yun Zi (son of cloud); and two sisters, Su Lin (a little bit of something very cute) and Zhen Zhen (precious).

Then, in October, be sure to vote online for one of the approved names for the cub. We follow the Chinese cultural tradition of naming a giant panda after it is 100 days old, so expect to learn the winning name for the cub in mid-November.

September 17 update: Here’s the link to start turning in your name suggestions…