Yun Zi and the Box

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Yun Zi eyes his next activity.

There was much to see at the San Diego Zoo’s Giant Panda Research Station on Independence Day. Yun Zi was being his busy self, playing with enrichment and lounging in his hammock while snacking on some bamboo. The keepers gave him a box filled with herbivore biscuits. At one point, he picked up the box with his front paws and began to spin it around with his back feet, on a mission to pour the biscuits onto the ground. He succeeded after several attempts.

After an afternoon nap, he climbed down from his tree and into his hammock. Surrounded by a large amount of bamboo, he began to feast on some large bamboo stalks and leaves, delighting all of our guests. What a way to spend the Fourth of July!

Alyssa Medeiros is a panda narrator at the San Diego Zoo. Read her previous post, Yun Zi: Busy Panda Boy.