Yun Zi Training

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Yun Zi: What a quick learner!

I still cannot believe how big panda youngster Yun Zi is whenever I see him. He is by far one of our fastest growing cubs! He impresses me every day with how smart he is. And he teaches me patience when he would rather play than train.

The bears receive data points when they can hear a tone during a hearing study session. On April 19, Yun Zi correctly stationed when he needed to and touched his nose to the red circle when he heard a tone played, receiving his first data sound point during the hearing study. This may seem like a small feat, but he has been training for over a year for this study! I am very proud that he is coming along nicely with the training, and it will be even more exciting when we have a full range of data on him.

Never fret, Yun Zi fans, he will be on exhibit soon and back to redecorating. We don’t have a set date yet, as that depends on Bai Yun and when she wants her privacy. Yun Zi is very spoiled where he is right now, off exhibit, and spends a lot of time close to his keepers. So please be patient with us keepers, as we only do what is best for all of our animals to keep them happy.

Jen Becerra is a senior keeper at the San Diego Zoo. Read her previous post, What is Yun Zi Doing?