Zoo Hospital: Leopard Youngsters

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Welcome, Amur leopard kids! Here's one of the boys...

What’s furry, has 12 legs, and is one of the cutest things you’ll ever see? Our Amur leopard siblings! Two brothers and a sister entered quarantine at the Zoo’s Jennings Center for Zoological Medicine in March. The Amur leopard is considered to be one of the most critically endangered big cats in the world, with just 35 remaining in the wild, all in the Russia’s Far East, so we were very excited about our new arrivals.

As a former large cat keeper at the Zoo, I had been hearing for years that we’ve been trying to get these amazing animals into our collection. I know the exhibit they will be moving into, and I couldn’t be happier. These kids are going to have a blast in their new digs!

...and here's the other boy.

Having worked with many leopard species, I couldn’t help but compare these Amur leopards to other cats. My first impression was that they have the extra-long tail and subtly fluffy fur of our snow leopards, the coloring of our North Chinese leopard, Jama, and the sweet face of our Persian leopard, who is no longer at the Zoo.

The yet-unnamed leopards still have some baby fuzz visible since they’re not even a year old; their first birthday will be May 14, 2012. The boys are both 67 pounds (30 kilograms) and the female is 62 pounds (28 kilograms), so even though they are young, they are already within the range of an adult’s weight. One of the males is taller and lighter and a bit more fiesty. His brother is a little shorter and a tad darker and just a sweetheart. The female is a doll and communicates with us by occasionally making an adorable squeaking sound.

I think I speak for all five hospital keepers when I say it has been an honor to care for these rare and amazing cats. I hope you will enjoy them as much as we have. And you never know, you might even see me there standing right beside you, staring up at them as they enjoy their exhibit in Big Cat Trail.

Kirstin Clapham is a senior keeper at the San Diego Zoo. Read her previous post, Zoo Hospital: Picky Beaver.

Update: The trio is now on exhibit for all to admire!