New Nilgai Girls

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Nilgai Fred was happy to see some new females!

It’s been nonstop nilgai activity out in the Asian Savanna at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park! After the birth of the nilgai calf (see post Introducing Nilgais), we received a trio of 10-month-old females to add to our herd. These girls seemed cautious at first, but within a few days of being introduced to the exhibit, they were approaching the feed truck looking for carrots like the rest of the animals that seem to enjoy our presence, or, at the very least, the treats! They figured out what the trucks mean very quickly, and they love carrots!

For the first few days, the new girls explored the exhibit a little but didn’t seem to stray too far away from the boma (a fenced-off area within the Park’s huge Asian Savanna exhibit). After about a week, they joined up with Fred, Helen, the other girls, and the calf. They all hang out together now and seem to get along great. It was a successful introduction.

Recently, the youngest calf is growing more independent from her mom. She is up and about, grazing with the others first thing in the morning when we enter the exhibit. No longer tucked away in the rocks, she is often difficult to locate. She’s so independent, in fact, that we often see her with the new trio of girls, playing and running around together. She grew up quickly and seems content having some brand-new friends that are closer in size to her. It’s pretty cool to see this group become cohesive so quickly.

Come visit the Safari Park and take a Caravan Safari, Cart Safari, or Rolling Safari to the Asian Savanna to see our new nilgai herd and rest of the animals that live in this field enclosure!

Jonnie Capiro is a keeper at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.