Bai Yun Scent Marks

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Bai Yun explores her exhibit during December's snow day.

Panda Trek at the San Diego Zoo was full of excitement on Friday, February 17! Bai Yun was scent marking quite a bit that afternoon. She left markings along the ground at least a few times and also walked through the water in her pool. For the rest of the day she mostly ate and, of course, slept. At one point she dragged a very large piece of bamboo to the top of her rock cave. She then sat down and began to break the thick stalk of bamboo, impressing all of the observing guests.

Gao Gao was also on exhibit that day. After the keeper had replenished his food and cleaned his exhibit, he went on a “hunt” for his herbivore biscuits as well as the yams, carrots, and apples.  He seemed to climb under and even on top of his hammock to find his tasty treats. I also observed him climbing to the very top of the mock panda den to sit and have lunch, just as I’ve seen little Yun Zi do. Like father, like son!

Finally, once the sun started to go down and the Zoo was closing, both Bai Yun and Gao Gao went inside their bedrooms for a nice nap, which is always a great ending to a great day at Panda Trek.

Alyssa Medeiros is a panda narrator at the San Diego Zoo. Read her previous post, Panda Enrichment.