Rhino Poaching Increases at Alarming Rate

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Eastern black rhino mom and calf

Below are wild rhinoceros population statistics compiled by the Traffic Wildlife Trade Monitoring Network. The numbers are so appalling that we thought we’d share them with you to raise awareness and garner support for the dire plight of rhinos. We hope you’re as shocked and alarmed as we are and even more dedicated to fighting for the survival of this important species.

  • Combined black rhino populations = 4,838 animals – IUCN listed as Critically Endangered
  • Southern white rhino populations = less than 20,000 animals – IUCN listed as Near Threatened
  • Combined Nepalese and greater one-horned rhino populations = 2,913 – IUCN listed as Critically Endangered
  • Javan rhino populations = less than 50 animals – IUCN listed as Critically Endangered
  • Sumatran rhino populations = less than 200 animals – IUCN listed as Critically Endangered

Rhino poaching stats from South Africa

  • 2009 = 122 animals
  • 2010 = 33 animals
  • 2011 = 448 animals, including 19 black rhinos
  • Poachers arrested in 2010 = 165
  • Poachers arrested in 2011 = 232

Source: http://www.traffic.org/

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Matt Steele is the social media planner for San Diego Zoo Global. Read his previous post, Rhinos: Never Give Up, Never Surrender.