Polar Bears: Back to 3

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Chinook enjoys some ice time in July.

Over the past week, Chinook has been more active and has been spending lots of time outside in our polar bear management yard instead of her bedrooms and den. On this past Sunday, we removed the den, and she seemed not to care. So this morning we reintroduced our fabulous threesome! After a brief greeting, all three settled on exhibit: Chinook in the mulch by the road, Kalluk on the point, and Tatqiq at the edge of the pool. All seem to be pleased with each other’s company. Chinook did go up to the doors after 30 minutes to see if we were around, but after sniffing and listening she went back out to her mulch bed.

The immediate future will be about continuing the ultrasound exams for a few weeks just to see any changes. Then as we approach the end of winter, we expect to see Kalluk’s behavior change, letting us know breeding season will be upon us shortly, and then. . .we all know the routine. So uncross you fingers and rest your hopes, at least until next fall!

JoAnne Simerson is a senior keeper at the San Diego Zoo. Read her previous post, Polar Bears: No Easy Answers.