Tree for Yun Zi Update

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Help us provide a Yun Zi-proof tree!

Yun Zi, whose name means “son of clouds,” loves to climb. So in his honor, we would like to give him a present he’ll never forget—a custom-made artificial tree! Many of you have already donated to Yun Zi’s tree, and we would like to thank you for your ongoing support. Through our animal care Wish List program, we have raised almost $8,000. We plan on supplementing these funds with an additional $5,000 from a different program in January 2012. At that point we will have raised nearly $14,000 for Yun Zi’s tree. We still have to raise an additional $7,000 to reach our goal.

This panda tree will be approximately 12 feet tall (3.6 meters), with a 3-foot-diameter trunk and 6 to 8 branches that incorporate pockets for live plants. The custom-made tree will be fashioned in concrete so it will last for years to come. Its trunk and branches will be sculpted by hand to look like bark and then painted in lifelike patterns. During the month of December, you can help support this project once again for as little as $10. If you would like to donate before December, you can call us at 619-557-3914, and we will be happy to help you.

On behalf of our panda boy, thank you in advance for your special gift to him!

Kym Harvey is a development programs coordinator for San Diego Zoo Global.