Elephant Birth Watch

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Ingadze, shown here as a baby, will be a big brother soon!

African elephant Umngani is pregnant with her third calf, making her the San Diego Zoo Safari Park’s first soon-to-be three-time mom. We’re expecting a September baby, but her due date could be as late as October 8. Based on the results of her progesterone assays, we’ll probably start our volunteer night watches sometime next week.

We currently have 17 African elephants, and this will be the 11th calf from this herd (9 out of 10 births currently surviving). We have been bringing Umngani’s daughter Khosi, who turned 5 on September 11, and son Ingadze, who is 2½ years old, into the upper and lower holding yards every evening in preparation for the upcoming birth.

Curtis Lehman is an animal care manager at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Read his previous post, Our Newest Park Elephant.