Yun Zi’s Spring Break

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Yun Zi

Yun Zi is currently enjoying a change of scenery, where the grass is greener and the trees are in bloom. The 111-pound (50kg), 3-foot-tall (when standing) young adult is trying out new climbing challenges in one of the exhibits that is visible to the public (and one that has a better camera for all his fans at home!), the one he first saw as a young cub. He will temporarily have access to this space, depending on Bai Yun’s breeding time. Please be patient with our Yun Zi as he will have a slow acclimation to this exhibit.  He will still have access to an off-exhibit area while he gets used to the new exhibit and dealing with his paparazzi.

Yun Zi is also moving forward with his training for the hearing study.  He is currently learning how to be patient and to sit with his chin on a small shelf.  The next step will be to target (touch his nose) to a red circle when he hears a sound. This study will help our researchers determine his range of hearing. He is an extremely intelligent panda, and he challenges my patience as his keeper and trainer. Yun Zi takes his training extremely seriously and is always ready for a training session.  I am excited that we are working toward including him in the hearing study.  I am extremely proud of him and excited to see him excel like his sisters Su Lin and Zhen Zhen.

Jennifer Becerra is a senior keeper at the San Diego Zoo.