Intern Amanda

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Zoo InternQuest is a career exploration program for high school students. For more information see the Zoo InternQuest blogs. For more photos see the Zoo InternQuest Photo Journal.   

Soaking up the sun!

Hello, everyone! I’m Amanda, and I’m currently a senior at my high school.  I’ve always loved animals and the environment—that’s why I’m here now! I find myself to be especially interested in herpetology (the study of reptiles and amphibians), and thus my family has included turtles, frogs, a snake, an iguana, a bearded dragon, and a gecko. But reptiles aren’t the only awesome animals out there; every day I spend at the zoo reminds me that the world is just full of fantastic creatures.

Even though reptiles are my favorite animals, just about any aspect of animal life and the environment appeals to my interests. I am a complete biology and animal science nerd (I don’t care what others say, taxonomy is great), having taken two years of biology at school, along with marine science and environmental science. I am also on my school’s National Ocean Science Bowl team, which takes place in tournaments on ocean trivia. Outside of school, I spend my free time reading, writing, drawing digital art, and fencing. Hanging around with my pets and brushing up on my animal facts is also an option.

Well, it’s easy to see why I’m so eager to be a part of the Zoo InternQuest program, especially since I plan to major in zoology when I get to college, as I’m sure you never would have guessed. However, the Zoo InternQuest program isn’t only about the academic benefits—there are so many things we will be doing, such as meeting the people who make everything happen behind the scenes and seeing them in action; this is certainly a once in a lifetime experience.

I am on the Careers Team and hope to show you all the awesome jobs that people do at the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park.