Pandas and Their Toys

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Yun Zi enjoys one of his new toys!

Panda fans have been waiting, and waiting…and waiting. And finally! We bring you video of your beloved Yun Zi playing with toys that were gifted to him—and all of the pandas at the San Diego Zoo—through generous donations from the fans and viewers of Panda Cam to our Panda Wish List

The video of Yun Zi and Bai Yun with their enrichment items is now posted, and you’ll be able to see Yun Zi “surfing” in his pond, hugging his toy, and trying to fit into a too-small hoop.

Thanks again to all of the online fans and friends of the pandas who donated for the baby shower we held online in November. We hope it was worth the wait!

Jenny Mehlow is a public relations representative for the San Diego Zoo.