One Hour Eco-Friendly Warrior

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Making your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got.

No, you’re not crazy, it is familiar. It’s the first line in the song from the TV show, CHEERS.

It feels familiar, too, because we seem to always be behind in our lives, whether it’s school or work, family or friends, house chores or hobbies. Where does all the time go? We’re a nation of over-workers, and we have exhaustion to show for it. So adding the responsibility of being eco-friendly to your To-Do list may seem overwhelming.

Saving the Earth won’t matter much if you lose yourself in the process. Stop. Take a breath—in fact, take three deep breaths. I do this every time I’m about to go on stage. It helps me to relax and center my thoughts.

Before becoming a gladiator for the Earth, what about where you live? You will be a far more useful volunteer toward bettering the world if first you better your own home. Oh great, you say, one more thing I’ve got to do!

Actually, yes and no. You know how it feels to put on new clothes or crawl into bed with fresh sheets? It feels great! Well, to me, cleaning out a drawer or straightening the garage has the same effect—it just makes me feel good. No joke.

One of the things that works extremely well in my household is ONE HOUR. Once a week our family spends just one hour on a specific task, like: a drawer in the kitchen (do you really need to save 17 packages of soy sauce?); that envelope of photographs under the bed (doesn’t Aunt Sally deserve to be in a photo album?); or to finally stop stepping over that loose board on the porch and drive a few nails in it. It can be done…and it will get done if the family knows that they are not spending the entire weekend on some drudgery but just “one hour, once a week.” That’s easy to accept. Before you know it, you’re not behind anymore, and you can go out and give an hour (or two) to saving the world.

When you’re ready for that, ask yourself, what am I able or willing to do? Think what would empower you—not exhaust you—among the myriad of socially conscience things to accomplish.

Know thyself. Three breaths…then go out there, and be the warrior that you are.
Good luck!

Bryan Cranston

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