Snowy Valentine Dinner

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We’ve issued challenges to our “green” families and asked them to share their experiences. Challenge #3: A Green Valentine’s Day? Vote online for the family that got the most creative with this task!

Well, thank goodness I got to the co-op last Thursday for our first order, because that bag of food kept us going for several days from what we are calling “snOMG! 2010” Parts 1 and 2 (see previous post, Winter Market Co-op). Long story short: first wave of blizzard dumps 30 inches of snow outside my door and across most of Maryland. That ends Sunday and wave 2 comes roaring in on Tuesday, about 20 more inches. Yes, a total of (at least) 50 inches of snow is now surrounding us. And it’s cold here, so it’s not going anywhere!

So, that gave me time to cook and plan our “Green Valentine’s dinner.” We have a few things to consider…1) Young son has a limited palate, so what we plan for adults most likely won’t fly. 2) We planned a ski trip for the long weekend and are staying in a hotel that has a kitchen, but only a microwave and stovetop – no oven. We generally bring food with us (pack it in, pack it out), and so I make meals in advance for the trek. 3) After skiing we generally want something warm and easy to dish up so we can sit on the sofa to watch family movies. (I guess right now I need to point out that I am really glad this wasn’t a “romantic” dinner challenge…)

The menu, most ingredients coming from the co-op, others items we usually keep in stock from the grocery up the hill from us (we can easily walk there):

French onion soup – homemade during “snOMG! 2010” with onions from the co-op.

Spinach salad – baby spinach with bacon crumbles, hard-boiled eggs, and sliced mushrooms (from the co-op), tossed with homemade dressing made using one quarter of an onion from the co-op. All prepped at home and tossed at the hotel.

For Henry, its macaroni and cheese (ultimate après ski food for him!) and carrots, which we picked up today at the co-op. They are at least a foot long, real “What’s up, Doc?” size he says. Henry also will drink the apple cider from the co-op, if there is any left after this week at home, since all schools have now been shut for six days (!!)

Dessert is chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing, made at home, but iced upon demand so they are fresh.

Bon apetit!

Jane Ballentine