Moving Forward

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Gao Gao

Gao Gao

As Suzanne previously posted, pandas were moved around yesterday (March 16) to facilitate the demolition and installation of the new bamboo cooler. And as she predicted, Bai and Gao were just fine with it. The girls, Zhen Zhen and Su Lin, were kept inside with all the building’s exterior doors closed to minimize the noise of the jackhammers, and it did make a huge difference. I checked on their location with the keepers (we’re all a little protective of our black-and-white bears) and, after the initial noise, they were doing just fine. Having the keepers there to schmooze with them is also a plus for those social young gals.

Gao was the exhibit bear, and he was up to the task, eating and focusing on the presence of Bai Yun in the adjacent area. The preliminary interest we’ve been seeing from them is continuing, change of location notwithstanding. All the vocalizing, scent marking, defecating, and listening continued through a good part of the morning. Bai even climbed up a poplar tree to scout out Gao on the other side, as she’d done a few times last week in the main exhibit, so it looks as if everything is just fine.

How long this will last depends both on the construction and, as always, Bai Yun and her hormones. We’ll try to keep you updated as we learn more and decisions are made.

Ellie Rosenbaum is a panda narrator at the San Diego Zoo.

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