Help Us Support the Australia Bushfire Wildlife Victims

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The devastation left in the wake of February’s bushfires that raged through Australia’s state of Victoria is almost incomprehensible: over 200 people are dead; more than 1 million acres are charred; 20 towns have burned; and nearly 2,000 homes have been destroyed. In addition, wildlife rescue officials estimate that millions of Australian animals from koalas, kangaroos, and wombats to flying foxes, cockatoos, and turtles perished in the inferno.

For the animals that miraculously survived the disaster, many are in need of immediate medical attention with severe fire-related injuries that include singed paws, ears, and noses; burned lungs; and dehydration, blisters, and smoke inhalation. Wildlife rescue teams are working around the clock to find and treat the native animal victims of the bushfires.

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