Intern William

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Hi my name is William and I am a senior in high school as well as swimmer and football player here in San Diego. I have always been a “green fighter” always telling my friends to save energy and to do the less harm to our environment. Also I love to volunteer at the beach clean ups that my school organizes. I’m very in the animal conservation and their care and protection. I’m absolute against brutality toward animals. I have two dogs that I am very close. I used to have many kinds of dogs as well as a turtle, and many different types of fish. Also in my house in Mexico we used to have eighteen birds.

I want to study architecture, biology and landscaping to create green buildings. In these buildings I want to cause less harm to the environment. The buildings will have a small carbon footprint, use solar and wind energy, and recycle water. Green buildings can become part of their environment instead of tearing up habitat and replacing it with man-made structures. In this way, animals and plants are not chased out of their homes but can live along with humans.

I’m on the Careers Team so I will write about the different careers that you can do to help animals. And, as a bonus for you readers who know Spanish, I will write some of my Blogs in Spanish!