Meet Stephen

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Miley is one of the Zoo's dogs.

Hi everyone, my name is Stephen and I am a senior in high school. One of the main focuses of my life has always been animals. Ever since I learned to walk I have been absolutely enamored with every animal I have ever met. Nowadays I’m mostly interested in birds and mammals, particularly canines. In my house we have two dogs, a cat, two parrots, and a leopard gecko. Both dogs, one of the parrots, and the gecko are my responsibility, and I love them all very much. One of my favorite pastimes is taking my dogs out for long walks up one of the mountains near my house. Animals play such an important role in my life that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to live without them.
My devotion to the animal kingdom has led me to pursue the possibility of a career with animals. To assist me in this pursuit I joined the Conservation Corps at the Wild Animal Park last year and plan to continue with the program until I graduate this June. I have gained an incredible appreciation for the environment and wildlife conservation because of my involvement with the Corps. I have tremendous confidence that my experiences through the Zoo and Wild Animal Park will help point me in the right direction for the future.

I am representing the Careers Team.