Meet Madolyn

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Backpacking through New Mexico, bouldering in Joshua Tree, canoeing down the Colorado River, and hiking Mt. Whitney…..sounds like a great time to me! I’m Madolyn, a junior from San Diego, and I love camping, being in nature, going to the Zoo, and learning about animals. I’m in charge of planning community service and fundraising events for my girl scout troop, I go to high adventure camps with my venture crew, and teach people about the Zoo’s conservation efforts in Zoo Corps.

Though my parents are divorced, my family ties are strong, especially on my dad’s side. We have funny New Englander habits, like having tea whenever we go to Grandma’s house, and eating sharp cheddar cheese with our pie. My family is big on cats; and we currently have three, two at my dad’s house and one at my mom’s. In addition to the cats, I have assorted fish and shrimp, one rat, and two little sisters.

I love learning about animals, and plan on studying biology or environmental science at a west coast school. I would love to be a field biologist, and discovered this love at an early age. I would ask my older family members to read field guides to me, and even wrote down observations while watching a spider eat an ant.

I am representing the Real World Team.