Meet Kate

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Greetings, I am Kate. I am a science and animal lover. Ever since I was little I have always been fascinated with animals and science. In science class, I am always captivated by the lessons of how the world works around us.

Just like in science class, I am always ecstatic to visit the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park. I get the feeling of learning and having fun watching animals and getting to see some natural behaviors.

When I was in seventh grade, my science teacher recommended me fora a science program known as “BE WiSE” (Better Education for Women in Science and Engineering). My first session with BE WiSE was an overnight at the CRES center (the research arm of the San Diego Zoo). It was an amazing and fun-filled evening, where a series of speakers and hands-on activities taught us about behavioral biology, conservation research, and molecular and cytogenetics. I have since attended many different sessions with the BE WiSE program and am learning all that I can about science!

I am representing the Conservation Team.